You have a book you want to read in your tablet or laptop.

You have a magazine you would like to browse in your tablet or laptop.

Contact us and we will solve this problem in a simple and easy way. Bring your book or magazine to us and we will turn it into an appropriate and high-quality product for the readers. If necessary, we will design the book, add photo materials, carry out proofreading, etc. We are flexible in our work and make books at different levels of difficulty.

We will design the e-books exactly as you want. You can be absolutely sure that the added pictures adjust with every screen and interactive content can be added.

We can assure you that the finished book will be beautifully designed, personalised and a product of high-quality. Being the first e-book publisher in Estonia, we have published over a thousand e-books and hundreds of e-magazines over the last five years of business.

The books will be completed in EPUB format, ensuring that they are available in every reading device. We also consult on matters regarding copyright protection or digital rights management (DRM).


NEW! We also design magazines onĀ Adobe DPS and Twixl paltforms.