Every publisher wants their book to stand out from competitors’ books, not just content-wise but by their design as well. In addition to the front cover and illustration, another important design element is the font used in the book. In order to ensure that your book does not lose its characteristic look, it should incorporate the same fonts as the physical book.

This is why we recommend that you add the suitable font(s) when ordering an e-book from us. As an added bonus, providing the right fonts will guarantee that the unicode characters used in the book are correct. There are texts that require the use of diacritics (dots, curves, tilde, etc.) or even letters from a completely different alphabet. Primarily those of Russian, Hebrew and Arabic. You can never be sure whether or not the small font used on a e-reader includes such symbols. However, you will not have to worry about distortions to the text, if you provide your own fonts.

When you provide fonts, we ensure that:

1. The e-book will retain the characteristic design of the physical book

2. The e-book will look the same regardless of the e-reader used

3. Parts with different font types will be differentiated

4. All special symbols and characters from other alphabets will be displayed correctly

Since e-books have already gained widespread popularity, readers are increasingly aware of the quality and visual side of an e-book. You can strengthen your position on the market by selling unique, high-quality e-books. This allows you to stand out among other publishers and create a more permanent bond with your readers.

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