It is important for published books to reach as wide an audience as possible with the biggest possible income and minimal expenditure. How can this be achieved?

The easiest way to reach a wide modern audience is through the use of e-books. The sale of e-books has significantly increased over the past years, making up almost 30% of publishing companies’ income. We are convinced you do not want to miss on out this profit.

5 reasons why publishing e-books can benefit your publishing house:

  1. When publishing an e-book with Flagella, we will offer you a good deal that will take a minimum of your time

  2. Your sales figures will increase as e-books are more affordable than hardcover books

  3. The number on potential customers will increase as you will be providing e-books of the highest quality on your market

  4. Customer loyalty will be guaranteed as you will be offering book formats best suited to your customers

  5. Your company’s sustainability will increase as you minimise damage to the nature during publishing and adapt to the modern mobile society

Flagella OÜ offers the production of high-quality e-books. Our goal is to create professional e-books from your existing publications that will be compatible with all smart devices. We offer your publishing house flexible cooperation in publishing high-quality e-books.

Cooperation with Flagella will ensure:

  • a high-quality results at a lower price

  • competent and personal approach to each e-book

  • compatibility of the e-book with all devices – both with iPads and computers using Windows – thanks to the profound technological know-how of our specialists

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