There are several file formats used for e-books. It is largely a matter of preference, various markets prefer different formats. However, we recommend the epub2 format for publishing e-books.


  1. It’s universal. There are very few devices that cannot read the epub2 format correctly.

  2. This format allows to bring all the design elements of a paberback into an e-book.

  3. All bookstores accept books compiled in this format.

  4. Allows for easy implementation of copy protection (DRM).

  5. Converting to other formats, including Amazon’s, is easy.

The fact that a lot of devices support the epub2 format is one of its greatest advantages. People buying the book will not have to fear that their device will not be able to display the e-book.

Working with the epub2 format is cost-effective for publishers. This type of files can be sold everywhere, there is no need to prepare different files for different commercial environments.

This is why we recommend the epub2 format for publishing e-books.

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