Did you know the global sale of e-books has increased by 34% over the past years? This trend is expected to continue.

E-books offer customer an additional choice to substitute heavy books with a more interactive, convenient and environmentally-friendly option in the form of e-books.

Five main reasons why readers prefer e-books

  1. E-books are affordable for the customer to purchase and the publisher to produce.

  2. Mobility! The e-books are perfectly compatible with all devices and readers are able to carry even thousands of books with them.

  3. The option of reading even in the dark! Depending on the smart device, e-books can be adjusted to suit readers’ eyes.

  4. Additional knowledge about what is written in the book as e-book enable adding illustrative pictures, calculations and other interactive additions to the text. Reading devices are generally also equipped with a dictionary. According to the largest seller on e-publications Amazon, 85% of readers look up a definition of a word they have read.

  5. E-books are attractive to book lovers who value preserving the nature, having a lighter bag and free space on their shelves. Producing e-books requires 3 times less raw materials and 78 times less water compared to paper books.

E-publications are the natural next step

The quintessence of publishing is providing interesting works for readers. E-books most difficult to get hold of in market are books intended for children and the youth, textbooks and thrillers, even though these are the genres that sell the most and depict the youth. The selection of e-books on the market is currently very limited, most are in foreign languages and do not interest those who are not speaking English. Your publishing house has the possibility to change that!

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