The sales of e-books are successful when the contents of books help readers solve practical problems or offer great entertainment. 36% of entertainment readers and 24% of those who seek solutions read e-books every day. This means that in addition to fascinating content, an e-book should also be published in a way that increases its reading quality.

Now it’s time to analyse the quality level of e-books at your publishing house.

3 most important quality markers for e-books:

  1. Adaptation to all reading devices – it is vital to ensure that the reader has the freedom and mobility to read the e-book on a device of their own choosing, without sacrificing too much in the design of the book

  2. Optimized content layout – relevant active references, interactive additions, illustrating charts etc. help understand and really remember the content

  3. The feel of a book – skilful design and layout provide the reader with a true book-reading experience. Readers will get so drawn into the e-book that they forget all about holding a reading device – this is what makes an e-book into a real book!

Do your e-books meet these quality markers?

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