Although a majority of e-books that we have prepared are also inevitably based on the design files of a publication, we have chosen not to convert any print files automatically.

We believe that e-books are in essence similar reading materials as publications, so these should be prepared with equal care.

Therefore, we re-design the layout of an e-book based on the visual characteristics of the original layout.


Our e-books

1. Maintain the visual characteristics of a publication.

2. Use the same font in text and titles as in the publication.

3. Maintain the proportion of text and titles.

4. Maintain the proportions of images in all different devices.

5. Consequently, an e-book will maintain its visual characteristics in all devices.


Since e-books have already gained widespread popularity, the readers start to increasingly recognise the quality of preparing an e-book.

Strengthen your position on the market by selling high-quality and exclusive e-books. This empowers you to stand out among other publishers and create a more permanent bond with your readers.

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